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Mags & JUICE - Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius: the new collaborative effort from a beatmakers and vocalists, Mags (of Strange Froots) and JUICE, has a playful and collaborative nature that delivers a nostalgic and effortless feel throughout. From the initial ethereal rich layered vocals, it is immediately apparent that the project has a focus on not just delivery but welcoming the listener in as they build. A project drawing from so many disparate sonic elements could easily land on the ears like a pile of debris from a demolished building. This project manages to construct for the listener, in real time, a jungle gym of sonic nostalgia.

With the opening of every track, you don’t know if you’ll be met with glitch tones of a boss battle or a shifted dance bop interlaced with classic R&B. The unexpectedly natural flow of the album quickly compels you to let go and allow them to take you on an aural journey thru game consoles, cd racks, horoscopes, and even weather patterns.

Age of Aquarius is a thoroughly enjoyable exercise in sonic exploration and scavengery which manages to showcase both artists' versatility and ability to maintain thematic elements. It’s thoughtful without lecturing and reverential while remaining progressive. The individual tracks stand as successes but the album as a whole is an experience with depth and resolution.

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