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There is something incredibly unique to the sound of 99% Angel, the New Zealand pop artist Theia’s newest EP. The four track mixtape includes her singles, “Kitty Kat” and “Frat Boyz” which were released earlier this year leading up to the drop. Theia’s vocals are beautifully bold and reminiscent of superstar artists like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. The strong vocals alongside her extremely creative and catchy lyrics create a flawless combination for pop perfection.

Although this is not Theia’s first, she is certainly stepping into the spotlight with this EP as a force to be reckoned with. 99% Angel has already gained hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and has gained critical-acclaim from many different music journalists. I recently got the chance to ask Theia a few questions about the new project, and what’s next for her:

LEZ POP: How was the creative process of making 99% Angel compared to your previous musical projects? Do you personally feel like this project shows growth? (Because I certainly do!)

THEIA: I think truly my 99% Angel mixtape has been filled with the most passion, freedom and ease I’ve ever experienced before in making a record. It’s the first body of work I’ve released since leaving a major label and I couldn’t be prouder. I think it shows how confident, angry and fearless I am. I do what I want, say how I feel and won’t be silenced. So I agree, my growth feels tangible and like I’m making art that I’ve always wanted to make without limits.

LP: Your visuals for this EP era have been beautiful. Specifically, your new music video “Celebrity” is stunning to watch! What’s the story behind it?

THEIA: Thank you so much angel! That means a lot. For sure I definitely am a perfectionist and obsess over embodying the visions from my head into physical form. I worked with an incredible team in LA. I found Nas Nixx, the director, on Instagram and knew she had to make the Celebrity video. Her work is extremely dark fantasy, portraying womxn as the otherworldly and complex beings we are. The track is about the ‘Cult of Celebrity’ and how we will do anything to be seen as successful even if it means losing ourselves in the process. I transform from an LA girl into a black eyed succubus. I have everything I’ve ever wanted, surrounded by groupies and riches in a mansion... but am still empty and alone. Hollywood is the perfect metaphor I think.

LP: Do you have any advice for upcoming women & non-binary singer/songwriters?

THEIA: I think the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to know who you are and what you stand for, because when you’re firm in your beliefs no one can make you be anything other than your authentic self. I’ve always been a weirdo and wish I’d accepted and loved my kookiness earlier. I think of 8 year old baby me and how on the outside I was - now I realize that’s my strength. Our society is craving for the real now more than ever so do your thing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

LP: Not to rush you but, what’s next for you? Do you have any exciting things coming up?

THEIA: I’m so excited about my 99% ANGEL cyber release party that’s on this Saturday! Hosted by the Strawberry Goth Cake babes and with all my fave artists performing - Gurldoll, Death By Sanrio, Baby Zionov, Khan, Oh Boy, Margo, and [Lez Pop] you! I’m working on new music, some collabs and hope to return to LA again soon too.

Be sure to stream Theia’s new EP 99% Angel on all streaming platforms, and follow her @theiaofficalxo! The 99% Angel Release Party is happening this Saturday night from 9AM-12PM EST. The party is being thrown by the STRAWB3RRY GOTHCAK3 PARTY series and will be streamed via ZOOM.


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