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Hailing from Wilmington, DE and currently based in Durham, NC, Jasmyn Milan (a.k.a. Trailortrash) brings us her debut album. Fleeky futuristic looks, cybergirl graphics, and a diverse selection of producers is cohesive under the guiding hand of Milan.

This eclectic nine-track testament to Milan’s personal reflections on art is not to be slept on. Immortal was released on December 13th, 2019. She describes her music as “a vibrant mix of technicolor, grunge, rage & femme power”. Each track packs a powerful punch, varying from hip hop to experimental electronic, PC music, and electro-punk.

From Watch Ur Mouth, the opening track on Immortal:

"I think dollskill needs to cut me a check/10-inch platforms just to stomp on they neck"

On the Afterlife Interlude (track 6) Milan plays a British interviewer asking for an explanation on the concept of Immortal.

MILAN: “I picked Immortal because I think through art and different creative channels we can be reborn in different ways. I just feel like our existence is just eternalized and we’re just made immortal by the things that we create here…”

Ayesha Nicole Smith a.k.a. Ayesha Erotica produced track 8, Whiplash, a catwalk-ready banger on which Milan breaks out the accent again in the playful intro. Milan's energy on this track feels reminiscent of the Pink Friday era Nicki Minaj; she comes across as creative, aggressive, and free.

Other highlights include the ultra-rebellious Authority, and the saucy and commanding High Fashion Kink.

From High Fashion Kink: "Pay the femmes what they ask plus some / I need a bag for me and my plus-one."

Having shared Immortal with the QTstation Discord Server, QT contributor S4INT SEB4STI4N had this to say:

"this album is super kinetic, full of wonderful frenetic energy and contains there within this ethos of like. wild women who do what they f*ckin want

i love it

high octane high kinetic energy ready to be transferred from one riot grrls fist to a nazi face"

Go ahead and experience Immortal for yourself.

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