Lez Pop - W.T.F (feat. Amber Zarate)

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Visually and sonically, Lez Pop is sparkling, refined cyber-queer aesthetics.

Glitter, sassy Tik-Tok videos, and devotion to pop icons (especially Lady Gaga) set a fun and sticky-sweet tone.

Lez Pop (fka Baby Momo), the RVA-based producer

and vocalist who released Sapphoheart last spring, returns to us after a brief hiatus.

"W.T.F" Visualizer

"W.T.F" is driving kick drums, high bpm, and catchy super-sonic synths. It feels like racing down the rainbow Mario Kart track, but while the voices of seemingly friendly femme cyborg overlords swirl around you.

Lez Pop joins forces with LAX-adjacent talent powerhouse Amber Zarate to make this bubbling techno track. Here’s what Mo had to say about the concept:

Their new track, “WTF”, brings us the sweet and sour dichotomy Lez Pop does so well.

Mo offers you sugary lollipops but there’s something inside that isn’t bubblegum. Scroll through their Twitter feed and you will get a better sense of the meaning to Mo's music. There is an ever-present feeling of rebellion. Fiercely anti-abuser and an advocate for marginalized people, Mo is confident in their position of resistance.

Cover art for W.T.F by @usercanon

Lez Pop’s EP Sapphoheart, was of course, inspired by the Greek poet Sappho. In similar theme, Mo has dropped hints that their next project may be influenced by the legend of Medusa:

I feel inspired by a lot of her story, but most specifically, the forgotten tale of her sexual assault that caused her to be exiled for eternity. As a survivor I feel exiled by a lot of people, and places in my life. In a lot of ways, I feel that I feel Medusa's pain alongside my own”.

Lez Pop appeared on QTstation Episode 1 & 2.

Amber Zarate appeared on Episode 3.

Lez Pop Soundcloud

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