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Updated: Oct 4, 2019


Fayetteville, North Carolina

Lisette Rodriguez started playing electric guitar in her early teens, and eventually debuted as a performer in an open mic at school. “I had so many people who were like, ‘Oh my gosh, you can sing, why don’t you go out and perform?’, and so then I started accompanying myself on acoustic guitar and started writing songs,” the 22-year old tells me over Skype.

When her desire to record an EP was being thwarted by a lack of funds, she realized she was going to have to record and produce it herself.

Her debut single Run This Far, which came out in June of 2018, falls perfectly in the category Lisette owns- ‘cinematic pop’. The sparse piano with her haunting and powerful vocals also brings to mind a very common comparison for Lisette: Amy Lee of Evanescence (who she was somewhat influenced by in her childhood, thanks to her father).

In Lisette’s latest single Technicolor Dreams, we still feel that influence, but now it’s on overdrive. Lisette stays true to her piano and strings, painting them throughout the track but never letting them become overbearing. She uses drums more powerfully and creatively than before, and explorations of synth and sample layering amp up the stakes.

“It started off with the little piano riff then it grew from there, the string – I believe it’s a cello or violin that’s playing it—that, (mimics melody) – that’s like one of my favorite parts of the song. But yeah, there’s like strings, electronic drums, lots of layers … Synths, just like, everything possible.”

She describes Technicolor Dreams as a reminder to herself to get out of her head and to take the required action to live out her dreams. Lisette was the unsuspecting recipient of the Carolina Music Award for Best Rock Female (there was no pop category) this year. She also holds a double major in Music Business and Popular Music and works for a record label and managing studio. If anyone’s on the right track to their dream, its Lisette.

“I am doing all these great things, … pushing the envelope, I need to go out in the world and make my mark.”





Lisette talks more in depth about this song, being a woman of color in pop, and mental health issues in the audio interview below.

Watch for her new single World Gone Mad dropping this Friday, October 4th.

Her EP 'Beneath the Surface' comes out Nov. 1st 2019.


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