Stonerpop - Night Terrors

Night Terrors, the latest song from Shreveport, L.A. electronic psychedelia duo Stonerpop, presents a fresh and exciting sound. The track begins in eerie simplicity, with only an anticipation-building heartbeat sound, and echoing, faraway drum beats in the back. When the searing guitar riff kicks in, you feel transported between dimensions.

Vocalist Maudie Michelle delivers equally haunting, hyper-processed warnings to the listener throughout the song. She opens with singing “don’t let them confiscate your spine/you need to cultivate your ammunition.” Throughout the duration of the track, tension continues to build, eventually relenting in a searing bridge.

The music video is equally eerie, with 90’s 3-D graphics (not unlike those of the original Toy Story movies) of flying bullets and skeletons against a pitch black background. The graphics melt in and out throughout the video, reflecting the psychedelic vibe of Stonerpop’s music.

The song sounds uniquely polished and put together, a worthy introduction to Stonerpop.

Night Terrors is their latest release, and the first single from Stonerpop’s forthcoming album, American Dreams. You can find them on Bandcamp at .

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