Strange Froots - Green Apple: The RMX

Green Apple: The RMX, is the latest project from Montreal trio Strange Froots. This mixtape was made in honour of the 5th anniversary of the band’s very first song: Green Apple.

This project is unique in the fact that each remix is produced by artists they’ve met along the way, both seasoned veterans and artists on the rise.

The artistically diverse producers each lend a novel take on Green Apple. For each to be cultivated at the hands of separate individuals gives every remix a distinct sound, and yet the message stays the same.

Uplifting and exploratory, Green Apple: The RMX starts with an interstellar-sounding synth melody. There are moments where the project takes a grungier sound, letting inspiration from house, electronic, and techno-like synths have moments to shine through on the tracks.

There were songs that allowed for moments of introspection, and others that compelled listeners to dance!

Though each song undoubtedly creates its own very distinct feel, the soundscape within each song also varies greatly. The synth and guitar on the remixes by JUICE and Mags respectively sound mellow yet upbeat. Then listeners are brought to diasporic African sounds in the melodies of Jassah. One of the EP’s largest surprises lies in the jump from the punchy, introspective house soundscape set by RamehS.eS, into Little Cashew which delved heavily into some country roots; with a blues harmonica ushering listeners into incredible pulsating banjo licks. The project ends with Backxwash, a track whose 808s will give listeners reason to be the most swagged out versions of themselves.

Green Apple: The RMX feels like Afro-futurism grew legs and took to the soundwaves. Artistically, the EP creates a fun way to explore Strange Froots' many musical influences.

The listener leaves the mixtape excited for what might come next from Strange Froots, and imagining how they’ll continue to play with their sound in future projects. Find Strange Froots on Bandcamp and Youtube.

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